What is Think Barter?

We are a business-to-business barter exchange. We make it possible for companies to barter their goods and services within the network without using cash .We bring them extra business and save them cash. Members can transact using an online Transactions and also with an App for Apple, Android and Windows phones.

Who owns Think Barter?

Think Barter is a wholly owned Jordanian company. The CEO & Founder has held positions across many different industries and sectors and has a wide experience in managing and operating barter networks.

What businesses does Think Barter work for?

We can work for any business that has the capacity to take additional customers.

What type of businesses are part of Think Barter?

We welcome any industries and businesses that has the ability to accept more customers.  

How can I use Think Barter?

There are many different ways to use Think Barter to build your business and boost your lifestyle. Upon joining you will be allocated an Account Manager who will discuss the many options that best suit your business. The Account Manager will act as your Purchasing Manager and your Marketing Manager.

 What is a Barter Dinar?

A Barter Dinar is the electronic trading currency Think Barter members use to transact with.One Barter Dinar is (BD 1) is equivalent to One Jordanian Dinar (JOD1).

Is there an Interest-Free Lines of credit?

As part of your Think Barter membership you will have access to an interest-free line of credit. You can use this interest-free line of credit to purchase goods and services, it will help you cover your business and personal expenses.

Can I charge Part Cash and Part Barter?

 Think Barter is a 100% Barter Exchange. Upon Joining, every member agrees to trade at 100% full barter. Think Barter allows cash only in Real Estate, continuous supply agreements and large transactions.