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Amazon SEO Listing Optimization, Amazon Brand Management, Amazon PPC Ad Management, Amazon Seller Consulting, Purchasing of Wholesale Inventory, Amazon PPC Ad Management. Based on our extensive experience managing products and brands on Amazon, we believe that Amazon incentivizes sellers that run PPC ads for their products by giving them more time in what is called the “buy box”. More time in the buy box translates directly to more sales, both from the ads and from organic search results. To see if you need better ad management, try searching on Amazon for the name of your brand. If your products don’t come up very first in the sponsored products results, it would be worth spending some time and energy updating your ad campaigns.

Under the PPC ad management arrangement, we set up your Amazon PPC ad campaigns (both product and brand ads) using industry best practices and manage them on an ongoing basis utilizing AI-powered learning algorithms that tweak keywords and bids every day and over time, constantly improve efficiency of your ad spend. It’s fun to get the weekly reports of the new keywords we find that are leading to actual sales.

Amazon SEO Listing Optimization

Often the thing holding an Amazon seller back is the quality of their listings. For instance, when you click on your brand on your Amazon page, does that bring you to a list of your products or a list of random products not associated with your company? It’s surprising how many listings we see where the later is the case. Do you have the maximum number of images posted? Are your bullet points well-written and SEO friendly?

We will go through all your listings and update everything from images, to copy, to backend keywords, to A+ content to make sure that they convert to sales at the highest possible rate. It’s not uncommon to see conversion rates of pages double after undergoing listing optimization.

Amazon Brand Management

Our Amazon Brand Management services include anything and everything related to starting and running an Amazon account. This would include managing Amazon PPC ads, creating listings, optimizing listings, SEO, optimizing the very important backend keywords that Amazon uses to index your products, dealing with account issues, reordering inventory, creating brand pages and A+ content, strategizing about how to increase market share … plus everything else that comes up when running an Amazon account. Our goal for this service is to partner with companies for the long haul and to that end, our pricing structure for this service is based on a percentage of sales that are directly attributable to our work. In other words, a percentage of sales that are over and above what you were already selling without us. We prefer not to take credit or get paid for that hard work you’ve already done.

Amazon Seller Consulting

As stated above, we are open to offering copious amounts of advice free of charge. If it turns out that ongoing consulting is needed or that what you need doesn’t fit into the above three paid services categories, we are happy to offer our services on an hourly basis.

Purchasing of wholesale inventory

As Amazon sellers ourselves, we are also always on the lookout to purchase inventory at wholesale or liquidation prices to resell on Amazon

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