JOE Program


What is JOE?

Journey of Entrepreneurship (JOE) is a Singaporean educational program that endeavors to nurture children on the concepts of entrepreneurship and business. It inspires and instills an entrepreneurial mindset in young students and enables them to learn more about doing business, starting one or even becoming employees of real value.

Throughout JOE program, students will have a holistic understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This will foster an interest or passion for enterprise at young age which students can cultivate further in the future.

JOE uses primarily experiential learning, fun activities and interaction with other students and the society to enhance the learning outcomes.

JOE Editions

JOE is offered in 2 different editions/ levels for 2 age groups:

1. Juniors (9-12 year-olds)

2. Teens (13-18 year-olds)

More information about all the available Tracks and the Phases of each Track can be obtained by contacting Mr. Moataz Azar on +962799000888 or

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