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شقة - طابق ثاني

الموقع: ديرغبار - شارع المطار

مساحة 115 متر مربع مع الخدمات

تشطيبات ديلوكس - طابق ثاني

3 غرف نوم

2 حمامات

صالون مع بلكونة

غرف معيشة ومطبخ

تكييف مركزي: بارد و ساخن 

This Member has requested that you contact their representative about all Exchange work. Reasons for this may include limited supply, seasonal availability, pre-qualification of work or other limiting circumstances that may prevent then from taking all jobs. To learn more and to request a purchasing opportunity from this company, please contact exchange account manager.
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Think Barter Script Inventory

shemesani, 11831, Amman, Jordan, n/a

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