Hamza AlBustanji (Architect/Interior Designer Professional)


Hamza AlBustanji (Architect/Interior Designer Professional): 

I’m 23 years old architect graduated from Al Balqa Applied University (BAU).I achived the 4th place in my class with a GPA (3.53/4.00) Very Good. I have experiance in architectural design , interior design ,3D modeling ,3D&2D visiulation ,also i have distinguished experiance and passion in historical architecture (Archeology and Heriatige), historical researchs , docunintation process and AR (augminted realtiy) & VR (vistual reality) for architectureal application (2 years experiance) . This passion reflect to found TARMEM(ﻢﻴﻣﺮﺗ) platform (Co-Founder of Tarmem)

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Hamza AlBustanji (Architect/Interior Designer Professional)

Amman, Jordan, 11185

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